Polish Wraps Pro Tips

For The Best Results

1. Always start with clean dry hands. Any oil or moisturisers may affect the results of the application.

2. Buff your nail. If you have naturally waxy nails or ridges, buffing your nails surface gives the nail wraps a better grip, allowing it to stay on longer and less issues with bubbling. 

3. Apply base coat. If you intend to wear the nail wraps beyond 7 days, a base coat offers extra protection between your nails and the nail wrap, and smoother result too. 

4. Avoid touching your skin and cuticle. Use the nail file included in the package to push your cuticle and buff to remove dead skin. Do NOT overlay nail wraps with your cuticle or skin. Placing polish wraps on your cuticle or skin will cause the corners to lift up easily and fall off. 

5. Pull to stretch. If your nails are naturally curved down at tips, you may find a hard time to perfectly wrap them. Our nail wraps are soft and stretchable. Center and stick the nail wrap at cuticle line, press firmly and smooth outward, when you reach the tip, gently pull the nail wraps outward to allow it to stretch to fit your nail curve and cap the tip. Then you should be able to smooth the rest out without wrinkles.

6. Wrap tightly. Smooth out any bubbles, and press hard on the edges to make sure the nail wraps are adhered to your nails properly. Eliminate any lifted air gaps at the nail tips and edges to protect from water seeping in. 

7. File downwards and in one direction only. Filing in any other directions may cause the nail wraps to lift and air bubbles may occur.

8. Apply top coat. Seal it for a lasting and extreme shine finish. Remember to seal your nail tips for better results. If you are using UV gel top coat, clean off excess gel around your nails before curing it. 

Please note, NOT all top coats are capable with our nail wraps. Top coats that are not suitable may cause shrinkage and bubbles in the nail wrap. Putting on too many layers of top coat could be problematic too. 

We have some recommended Top Coats for you:

If your top coat is not listed above, please test on one nail wrap before applying onto others.

9. Avoid water for a few hours. We recommend applying the nail wraps after shower as it takes time to fully adhere to your nails.

10. Maximize each pack. Mix and match the leftovers to create your own design! Trim the leftovers to your nail size with the used ones as a mould for better shape.

11. Short nails. If your nails are short, you could probably cut the nail wraps in halves and use them twice with one set. Use the base board as a mould for trimming to obtain a perfect shape. Measure the length to make sure they are long enough before cutting them all.